New to SR&ED?

The SR&ED program (pronounced “shred”) is the largest source of federal government funding for industry R&D, providing over $4 billion to over 20,000 companies each year. About 75% of the claims are to small businesses. The government provides cash refunds or tax credits between 33% – 82% of the cost involved to work on new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes. Wages to perform this work normally represent the majority of the claim, but other expenses such as materials and subcontractors can also qualify.

Contact MSN to arrange a free consultation with one of our SR&ED consultants to determine the size and eligibility of your claim. Or you can download one of our 20 different SR&ED brochures that describe the type of activities that are likely to qualify in each industry.

If you have eligible work in the last 2 years, MSN can provide a front-to-finish consulting and training package to submit your claim. We don’t get paid until you receive your money.



Already Filing?

Companies switch to MSN to prepare their SR&ED claims for the following reasons:

  • MSN finds more qualifying work, and increases the value of the claim
  • MSN helps to repair relationships with CRA if you’ve had a history of audits and claim reductions
  • MSN is an Engineering firm. We specialize in a number of specific industry sectors and technologies. We are not generalists.
  • MSN takes the burden of preparing the claim from internal resources, and prepares the claim in real-time throughout the year, so it is filed without amending the tax return and preventing a rush at the end of the year.
  • MSN trains clients on how to keep their records as CRA compliant as possible, to reduce the risk of claim adjustments in the event of an audit.
  • MSN offers flat rate pricing, which can reduce consulting fees by 50% or more

Contact our office or download a brochure.