ISO Based Management Systems

There are four main benefits for organizations that formalize their quality, environmental or health & safety management system.

1: Tools to Prevent Problems

The ISO Standards contain many tools to help managers prevent problems from occurring.  In most cases, companies that spend $1 on problem prevention save between $10- $100 in failure costs such as scrap, re-work, overtime, unhappy customers, employee injuries, increased insurance premiums, etc.  In fact, some organizations justify the expense of becoming registered by the savings generated from prevented problems.

2: Improved Consistency and Control of Operations

Managers gain more control over the operations and are able to increase the day-to-day consistency of the organization.  From the customer’s point of view, greater consistency usually means higher customer satisfaction.  Formalized management systems can also help reduce the impact of employee turnover on organizations.

3: Continual Improvement

Some of the standards provide tools to identify and act on cost takeout and customer service improvement opportunities.  Management systems force the Management Team to be more responsible and accountable for continual improvement

4: Marketing Potential

Some customers perceive organizations with a registration as being more disciplined, more trustworthy and providing higher levels of product and service quality.  In some industries, registration is a requirement to do business.

Benefits of using Management Support Network Inc.:

  • Our Consulting Approach: We do not tell you how to manage your organization, we show you the options and let you select the best option for your management style and your organization.
  • Guaranteed registration: We guarantee your organization a fixed consulting and training cost to earn registration … no extra expenses or surprises once the project has started.
  • Project Management Support: Our consultants provide project management assistance to ensure all projects are done on-time and on-budget.
  • Monthly Payment Plans: We provide monthly payment plans to ease cash flow management.
  • Account Managers: Our Account Managers follow-up throughout the project to ensure our clients are fully satisfied.
  • Improving Business Performance: Before the project starts, we list the relevant problems that have occurred over the last 6 months.  This list keeps the team focused during the project. We can also offer Lean & Six Sigma workshops before, during and after a project, to help improve business performance.
  • Fit ISO into your Organization: Our approach is to fit ISO into your organization, rather than fitting your business into ISO.
  • Modular Management Systems: We design all of our management systems to be modular.  This allows easy registration to another management system (like ISO 9000, ISO 14000 or OHSAS 18000) in the future.

Other Government Funding

The federal, provincial and other government agencies are constantly adding, modifying and removing various government funding programs for industry. We can work with you to identify projects or activities that may be eligible for these grant or interest-free loan programs. Contact our office for an assessment.

Apprentice Refund Program

If you currently have an Apprentice that is enrolled in an Apprenticeship Program or have previously hired an Apprentice (anytime in the last 5 years), your organization may qualify for this government program.

Depending upon when the employee was hired and how long they were employed with your organization, you can receive between $7,000 – $44,000 per Apprentice

We offer a 3-step program to retrieve your money:

Step 1: Estimate the size of the claim

  • Provide a clear copy of the apprentice TRAINING AGREEMENTS to Management Support Network (Fax to 1-800-284-5754). Include TRAINING AGREEMENTS from the last 5 years.
  • When we receive this information, we can estimate the size of the claim (free of charge).

Step 2: Provide us with additional information

  • To use our services, select a payment option and fax back the MSN Service Agreement
  • There are two options to use our services. Contingency fees are the most commonly selected method of payment and are negotiable based on the size of the claim. Other payment options are available.
  • When we receive the MSN Service Agreement, our consultant will prepare a worksheet with all of the additional information that we’ll need to submit your claim.

Step 3: Submit the claim & receive your money

  • About one week after receiving your additional information on the worksheet, we’ll submit your claim.
  • You should receive your cheque within 4-5 months after the claim is submitted.
  • If your sponsorship is on-going, you can claim annually with our assistance

Note: You will receive a cash refund if your account is in good standing with the government. However, if you owe the government money, they will apply this amount toward your account.