In recent years CRA has placed more emphasis on the Technological Advancements and related Uncertainties.  Although we have adapted to CRA’s new requirements, many claimants are still using the old criteria when preparing claims.  Too many people focus their SR&ED claim around their product or equipment development.  There is often an insufficient description of how this work meets the SR&ED criteria.  It is important to describe the underlying technology, and how an advancement was made to that technology by overcoming problems (uncertainties in CRA’s lingo).

It’s not about products or processes, and it’s not what you’ve done with the existing technology.  It’s about what you’ve done to further develop the underlying technology.

Many companies do not understand CRA’s new language.  As a result, they think they no longer qualify.  However, our consultants can interview your technical staff and successfully present your work in a manner consistent with the new CRA requirements.